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i dont have time for people who hate on band members wives

A vision with nowhere to go. 


Chandler Bing’s Best Comebacks Part 2


@brendonurie: Glad to have the homie richiebon out to the show to hang and tattoo a bit.

Amnesia - Behind the Scenes +

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it’s annoying because skinny girls never ride for thick or fat girls EVER, never reblog pictures of them or mention shit bout body positivity and uplifting the spirits of thick and fat girls like I never see y’all advocating for curves and extra fat on the thighs or hips or anything but when Nicki goes “Fuck skinny bitches” y’all are suddenly activists for self-image and body positivity? get gone you fakes and liars. Fuck all y’all

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one time i forced my mom to play pokemon for at least half an hour and all she did was catch a butterfree and name it lowfat